FAQ - Purple Panda Labs

-3) If on the off chance I need a refund will i receive the exact amount of crypto currency I sent or will I receive the value of the order back at the current market value for the coin?

You will receive back the value of the order at the current market value for the particular coin you sent

-2) Do you reship Turkish Pharma products?

We do not offer any reships on Turkish Pharma products. The most we can do is see if the products get returned to our warehouse in Turkey and reship it, this process typically takes up to 90 days to be returned. DO NOT buy more then you are willing to lose worth of Turkish pharma products. Because we hold no liability for seizures on them 

-1) How long does a domestic order take to be delivered?

Typically 5 days or less. If a package takes over 9 days and has not been delivered please email us 

0) I’m having login problems, how do I retrieve my account password?

If you've lost your password just email us for password reset.  

1) when can I get a response after I email you guys?

Normally within 24hrs

2) Why do I need to create an account to place an order?

An account allows easy access to information regarding the orders you've placed. Log in with your e-mail address and password to view tracking information, order status, order history, or edit and store shipping information.

3) Can I see my previous orders?

Log into your account page. Clicking on the "Order history" link will take you to a list of your past orders and their status.

4) Can I delete my order or account?

You can delete your order or account only if orders are all completed.

5) Possible to change payment method for current order?

The payment method cannot be changed once the order has been submitted. You can place a new order and select your preferred payment method again.

6) Any risk of payment being seized


7) How do I track my order?


8) What is the minimum amount for each order?


9) What if I don't know or don't want to use crypto currency, I only want to stick with Western Union or MoneyGram ?

Feel free to check our guidance video here: BTC/BCH/LTC/ETH HOW TO

10) How can I use a coupon code?

You can type in the coupon code in the coupon area, click the "Apply" then it will work.

11) Why did my order disappear?

You will be given 2 hours to complete your payment or your order will be canceled 

12) My international package hasn’t updated in a while, why is that?

Actually the shipping status is normal, we have a lot of packages shipped via EMS that are like this. For over 20 days it shows origin post is preparing shipment. Then the next day it shows up in the destination country and is about to be delivered. The package is moving, just the tracking didn't updated in time. 

13) When can I have the tracking number for my international package?

Normally the tracking number will be available within 2 business days, please wait patiently and we will send it over once available.

14) Will you ever carry DNP in large stock again?

No, when any of the current dnp on our website is sold out it will be gone for good. Chinese government has banned production of it, so it will not be returning to our shop after the current stock is gone. 

15) How long does it take for international shipping

Generally international shipping will take about 15 to 25 days, it depends on different carriers and the clearance and the destination country.

16) Do I need to sign for a international shipment?

It depends on the different carrier. Some require signature and some do not, it is at their discretion.

17) Are there any discount or coupon codes you can offer me?

You will need to check the forums we are on. But we do not just provide coupon codes or discounts.

18) What is your discount for bulk orders? 

Depends on the order volume. Please email us your order list and we will let you know if you are eligible for a bulk discount.

19) Can you offer me recipes for different products using your Raws?

Email us and we can help you.

20) Do you accept paypal?

No, we do not accept payment via Paypal. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.

21) I am looking to place my order with you. Could you please tell me how you will pack the items? How is the pass rate?

We arrange the packaging with the top level of stealth. Our current passing rate for International packs are 97% for raws and 98% for finished. We reship for free if your package gets seized.

22) Can you ship to an APO address? 

Sorry, we are afraid we are not able to arrange shipment to an APO address, we have tried this before but failed, the packages were returned, we would suggest you to offer us a normal address instead to ensure delivery.

23) What is the shelf life for the raws?

If properly stored in an airtight container in the freezer the raws will remain viable for 2-3 years

24) Can you look into my account? I just tried, but could not log in.

You need a password reset so please email us.

25) My raws arrived melted, what happened?

Some raws such as Test e, Deca, Sustanon have low melting points. It is very easy for them to melt during transit. To re solidify them simply put them into the freezer. The quality is not effected by them melting what so ever.

26)I can’t find my EQ Raws?

EQ is a liquid at room temperature. Please do not throw away any of the items placed in your packaging as it very well could be your EQ. If you can not find it please email us and we will tell you which item it is hidden inside.

27) The tracking says my package has been delivered, but I did not receive any packages. Is there any way you could arrange a reshipment for me?

No, we are only responsible for having your package delivered. If the package shows as delivered we are not responsible past that point

28) I placed order # xxxx a few days ago and paid for it, but now I can not find it in my order history. 

If we have not received payment within 2hrs your order will be automatically deleted from our system. Please make the same order as previously and provide us with the payment information.

29) The winstrol micro powder is for water based injectables. The powder is ground finer to fit through a smaller gauge needle. Regular winstrol powder will work for oil based injectables and orals.

30) My tracking number is not working.

Typically it takes 2-3 days before the tracking numbers first update

31) Will my order not be processed if my payment is short?

You will be notified of the balance due and are expected to pay in order for your order to be processed. 

32) I received underweight products.

In order to receive replacement products you need to take a video while unpacking the box showing you cutting open the products and weighing them. We also take photos of all raws inside the package and them on the scale before they are sent. So good luck to any scammers out there.

33) I received the wrong products

In order to receive replacement products you need to take a video while unpacking the box showing you cutting open the box and the products you received.

34) Do I have to order from the website? 

We strongly suggest you order from our website, but feel free to email us your list of products, we can manually process your order.

35) My vials appear to have different fill levels in them

Our vials are semi hand made, therefore the amount of glass used inside each vial can vary and cause the fill level to appear different from vial to vial. We use a predetermined weight filling machine, after the machine reaches 10.2ML of weight on the scale the machine automatically shuts off. Vials will never be less the 10ML.

36) How long do I have to voice a complaint on a product I’ve purchased from you?

You have 6 months to voice a complaint or problem on a product you have purchased from us. After that you give up your right to voice a complaint. We can not account for how you stored your products during the time you had them. No exceptions on this rule.